Sunday, July 02, 2006

REUNION-Batch '85 SMKA Maahad Hamidiah

Being apart for several years made me somehow a bit awkward when meeting my schoolmates. Everyone turned different; some grew bigger, became skinnier, became fatter (POSSITIVELY NOT ME!!! LOL), became taller, and many with ‘janggut’s and ‘jambang’s. But what I want to bring to point here is that everyone was STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL that night!!!

Have I become that fat?! From the reading of the weighing scale, ok ape? Because a number of friends came up to me and said with no mouth insurance," ko aiman ke? Berat ko brape?" and with pride, I was like, "okla, lebih kurang dulu gak. 73 kg." and I said that with a face mcm slame ni beratku adalah 72, kire dlm jangka masa 4 taun ni naik 1 kg je arr. \(^o^)/

And an ustazah of mine came up to me and said," aiman, awk da smangat sket dan betambah gelap." Before she could even finish her ‘compliment’, I laughed-out-loud and said," sy penah putih ke ustazah!" hahahahaaaa…

Some friends even adviced me to do some athletical moves to make me skinnier. LIKE I DON’T KNOW! DUH!!!

Let’s put the physical appearance aside for a sec.

Around 6 teachers and ustazahs came, stunningly beautiful. With a black and white theme set (which I, one of the AJKs did not even hesitate to put into account) everyone looked FABULOUS, MARVELOUS and WALLLA!!!

I miss the school days, days when everything was so easy.

Cliques, classes, clubs and cool… all these are part and parcel of school life. No? You mean you didn’t have problems with identity, blending into the group which matches your personality? Ah! Mengarutlaaa…


School life can be frustrating, boring and sometimes, even embarrassing. But it’s also challenging and full of possible friends. Some think school is more than just classes and tests. It’s a social scene, filled with cliques, clubs, and life-changing decisions. It could be a place where you meet your best friends… and perhaps your worst enemies!

SOLEH which stands for ‘Solidarity LEads Harmony’ in full, is an annual event where the ex-hamidians (us!\(^-^)/) will come to school and give some useful tips and inspiring testimonies as they have been through difficult and rough moments in their school day in SMKA Maahad Hamidiah-our alma matter. ‘kami lebih dulu makan garam.’LOL…

It all started when I got an unexpected phone call from a senior (panngil ape bia? Tale ckp kat sini.LOL!) telling me to conduct the program which I first felt so very only-God-knows-how-I-felt. Dragging some meaningful not-just-ordinary-friends behind me (ghafur, esan, amirah, syera, judin,wanza, syazwani ,xera, jaja – their names have to be stated here) who actually made this event beyond expectations and the pressure, I somehow managed to put the pieces together. Yea!!!

Although I just played a minor role in the process of making this program a spectacular and monstrous success, I was extremely happy to see the workforce work together hand-in-hand in ensuring everything was running as planned. Well, frankly speaking, not everything went a planned. But from my humble point of view, we overcame the ups and downs quite well. Congrats!

And for the workforce, be prepared for the next years’ SOLEH… I am for sure gonna hire you guys, AGAIN!!! Hahaha…