Thursday, November 29, 2007

Thank You for Saving My Money...

It was a day which I don’t specifically remember what day it was, but it was a weekday…and i was driving back to IIU after hanging out with my friends watching football at Farez Maju…btw, the team I supported lost…I wish I was playing for the team and make them win. And be the star. And hero. And score the winning goal. Or maybe I would just make them lose with more goal difference. But at least I get to appear on TV. Hehe

Back to what I was suppose to talk about, so I was driving my way back to THE GARDEN OF KNOWLEDGE AND VIRTUE (hehe.IIU motto), feeling down in the dumps with the performance of the team I supported. Cannot mention. Will make enemies then. Hehe. So I drove slowly and extra cautious as it was late even though there weren’t many cars on the road. Plus, it was waaay past the curfew time. For sure I will be fined.

Yadda,yadda,yadda…I arrived the main gate around 2 am. I was supposed to create a super duper marvelous excuse so I can like make the jaga believe that I came back late on purpose. But I was distracted by the entire football thing. With a very brusque tone, the jaga asked me why I came late. And out of nowhere, I just said,” dari rumah. Kene amik bende penting mlm ni gak…”

And he peeped at the back seat of the car. Nothing. And said replied with a vexing tone,” ape yg penting sgt tuh?” awwwww, that annoying smile. I cant lose. “ada dalam bonnet…” I said unperturbed.

I opened the door, came out and strove my way towards the bonnet. On the way, my brain was clicking fast. What’s in my bonnet ek? And I suddenly, I remembered. My bonnet was empty except of that one thingamajiggy. And I said to myself, jaga ni mesti gelak gila.

I opened the bonnet. There. There it was. There it stood. Safe and sound. One small packet of tongkat ali which my roommate told me to buy. A packet of tongkat ali! I picked it up said,” ni la die pak cik, bende yg penting tu…..mmmmmmmmmmm…utk kesihatan…sy mmg tale tido kalu ta kne tongkat ali…” Mcm org bodoh jwb. And he laughed. I laughed. He said,”ko ni ade je alasan. Dah, masuk ah…”

I put the tongkat ali in my pocket drove through the gate. Who would know, a packet of tongkat ali saved me from a rm50 summon? hehe