Saturday, March 15, 2008

An unusual usual day.

The day started like usual; Mr. Sun was already shinning high above the sky, the birds singing euphoniously imploring me to wake up, and me, still on my bed doing absolutely nothing yet by 930 am. But it was an unusual day indeed.

In the Garden of Knowledge and Virtue- UIA, it is compulsory to go to class with the official dress code- shirt, slacks, and shoes. But for us engineering students, we break each and every code and law that are enforced upon us. There I was- selipa jepun stailo, jeans, t-shirt and the hair that was long enough for the officers to summon me by the amount of rm50. Catch me if you can!
From up to bottom, my God…

I took my bike to the class, an old Honda C-70. People don’t use that kind of bike sangat nowadays. But a friend of mine told me that what’s important is that it can bring me from one place to another. Stailo or not, numero-2. And it’s murah!

I was desperately scrounging to find a place to park my bike, in probably the most crowded kuliyyah in UIA. Eh, not kuliyyah la but the parking lot is surely sure packed. Considering it was already 1135 am and the classes have already started, I knew the chances of me finding even a narrow strip of space to wrest my bike into, were pretty slim. But I tend to believe that with good intentions to go to class, though a little bit late, I’d find a place to squeeze my bike in.

Voila! I found…

…what only sharp sepet eyes could have spotted. Right between the indigeous Modenas Kriss and foreign Yamaha TZM, was this tiny strip just about enough to get the first half of the wheels in. Well, beggars can’t be choosers, and thus began my struggle to maneuver the bike into the perfect 90 degree to slip it right in.

Change of strategy from tactical to menial, push and shove, a mental note to work out and finally frustration. I was at my wits end.

Failure of getting my bike in between, I made up my mind to withdraw it robustly out of the tiny winy space. The next thing I realized was the bikes on the right side of mine crashing against each other like the game dominos. Cheers! Eh, Oops!

What have I done ni? Adoi…

Lucky me, the bike at the end point of the streak was denied smashing on the ground by a parked Proton Wira. Fuh! Selamat. (Dear owner of the black Proton Wira yg slalu park kat tempat moto, thank you! And Sorry too. But your car is ok je. Not even a scratch.)

Being a responsible person that I am, I went to susun blk all the bikes back to where it was before checking if there were any parts that have I broken. Suddenly came one of the owners of the bike. I was ready to admit and apologize but then again he came and helped me out. Then I gave him a camaraderie smile for helping. That was when I realized that this Garden of Knowledge and Virtue instilled good values in us- tolong menolong, kesabaran dan bersatu padu. Eh, minus breaking the rules part.

Then, after everything was settled and a conclusion made that all the bikes were fine, I went my way back to the mahallat. Gave me a self-holiday for my hard work of susuning back the bikes.

And later I knew that that class was cancelled. Nothing missed plus a lesson attained!


Friday, March 07, 2008

when things dont go your way...


"Apakah manusia itu mngira bhw mrk dbiarkan (saja) mngatakan:"Kami telah beriman",sdg mrk x diuji lagi?Dan ssngguhnya Kami tlh mnguji org2 sbl mrk,maka ssngguhnya Allah mngetahui orang2 yg benar &
sesungguhnya Dia mngetahui org2 yg dusta."


"Boleh jd kamu mbenci sesuatu, pdhal ia amat baik bgmu,dan boleh jd kamu mnyukai sesuatu,pdhal ia amat buruk bgmu; Allah mngetahui sdgkan kamu x mngetahui."


"Allah x m'bebani sseorang mlainkan sesuai dgn ksanggupannya."


"Jgnlah kamu bsikap lemah,& jgnlah kamu bsedih hati,pdhal kamulah org2 yg plg tinggi (darjatnya),jika kamu org2 yg b'iman."


"Hai org2 yg b'iman, bsabarlah kamu & kuatkanlah ksabaranmu & tetaplah b'siap siaga (di p'batasan negerimu) & btaqwalah kpd Allah supaya kamu b'untung."

"Jdkanlah sabar & solat sbg penolongmu.Dan ssngguhnya yg demikian itu sungguh berat,kecuali bg org2 yg khusyuk."


"Ssngguhnya Allah telah mbeli drpd org2 mukmin,diri & harta mrk dgn mberikan syurga utk mrk."


"Cukuplah Allah bgku; tiada Ilah selain Dia.Hanya kpdNya aku btawakal."


"Dan jgnlah kamu bputus asa drpd rahmat Allah.Ssngguhnya tiada berputus asa drpd rahmat Allah,melainkan kaum yg kafir."