Tuesday, April 18, 2006

just in the nick of time...nah! ta sempat pn.hehe...

....supposed to renew my licence today (dicuri oleh...pencurila!takan pen...janakuasa elektrik.haha...). as adviced by my cousin, i went to the jpj (which stands for jabatan pengangkutam jalan, duh!) at 420pm as it will close it's door at 430pm. usually, the office will be like a tin of sardine in the morning.

so i arrived there, took a picture(of me c;) downstairs and made my way back up(the tmpt mengambil gamba was downstairs).

but i was shocked. the door was closed but the time on my cellphone blinked 428pm.(and i am possitively sure that my time is accurate. don't need to use linear appoximation to count.hehe...)
nonchalantly, i knocked the door. the guard on duty opened the door and said," nak ape dik, pejabat dah tutup. sila dtg esok".
and i was like,"what!".
"pak cik, bleeh arrr... sorang je lg"
" sy kate ta boleh ta bolehla".

and then i turned away and strived my way back to the stairs dgn hati yg ditusuk sembilu.(ayat ta bleh blah.huhu...).

but then, i 'kumpul'ed my iman, and went back to the door. i knocked. the moment the guard opened the door, i already started 'merayu'ing to the women at the counter. but all she did was stared at me dgn kerek sekali,"kami da tutup."

but guys, don't worry. tomorrow, i will make sure i will be the first one to enter that door. and when i do, i will like,"ko ingat aku tale dtg awal ke ha?!" with the loudest yell i could muster. tgk arr esok... ;p

Friday, April 14, 2006


it's someitmes hard to be your ownself. weird ek? have you ever experienced that kind of feeling? i've been there; hard being myself... it was the time when i had to do this very nuisance personality test for a job and they kept asking about my unrevealed habits...hehe...if i were to answer the questions honestly, i would have definitely flunked the test with flying colours...hehe... an example of the question:
would you rather take a nap or do the house chores at 4 o'clock in the efternoon?
don't lie ek. sume org pn akn prefer taking a nap. ntah2 tido mati. but i eventually ended up in answering the choice that should have been answer in order to get the job... haha...a so 'not me' thing to do. doing the house chores konon... c;
so malas to write my first entry...supposed to be eager...hehe...