Sunday, July 29, 2007

a one month entry

it has been 4 weeks of class including this week. and still, i have only one testpad and that's it. no notebooks, no buku tulis skola menengah dulu and all. so, during these 4 weeks of coming, not coming, sleeping, paying attention and memonteng classes, i wrote everything in this one and only testpad. imagine, all seven subjects in one test pad. soo many knowledge inside this test pad (knowledgela sgt!). drawings, ta puas hati dgn lecturer pn kutuk dlm ni, a manual chatting room that me and adam conteng to communicate during lectures, and even tic tack toe tables when i play if the class gets extra boring mcm boleh mati. but everytime i write, i would write the title of the subject and date on the right top of the page, being a little organized minus the fact that everything is jumbled up in that very one notebook la tp. hehe

it has been soooo loooong since i post my last entry. so much to write but my feet just didnt bring me to the lab(a dumb excuse from a hero with a thousand excuses!). but hey, here i am writing an entry kan. my ungs3 class was cancelled (hooray!) so a made my way to this lab.

this past month, i didnt have time to go home:

1st week: pi perak to attend kakak zool's wedding
2nd week: pi pangkor dan navy menimba ilmu dan pengalaman
3rd week: pi skola anjurkan program motivasi
4rd week: pi pwtc pameran international islamic fair mecari sponsor for my trip to ethiopia or egypt or mali


this week i am forced to take part in this debating league for my curriculum things. and the week after that. klaka kan? i have never debated before and they told me that i have to take part in a british parlimentary debate league against teams for singapore, mmu, um, upm and all. crazeeeeeeeeey!

i havent found a partner for the debate thing. asked a friend already but no positive replies yet. everyone doesnt want to team-up with me because im going to make us loose. haish... whateverla. merepek gak CCAC ni kengkadang.
solution: i'll team-up with myself.

and that's that.