Saturday, December 08, 2007

tgk sane!

Love is not just looking at each other, it's looking in the same direction. see... mcm ni. hehe

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Thank You for Saving My Money...

It was a day which I don’t specifically remember what day it was, but it was a weekday…and i was driving back to IIU after hanging out with my friends watching football at Farez Maju…btw, the team I supported lost…I wish I was playing for the team and make them win. And be the star. And hero. And score the winning goal. Or maybe I would just make them lose with more goal difference. But at least I get to appear on TV. Hehe

Back to what I was suppose to talk about, so I was driving my way back to THE GARDEN OF KNOWLEDGE AND VIRTUE (hehe.IIU motto), feeling down in the dumps with the performance of the team I supported. Cannot mention. Will make enemies then. Hehe. So I drove slowly and extra cautious as it was late even though there weren’t many cars on the road. Plus, it was waaay past the curfew time. For sure I will be fined.

Yadda,yadda,yadda…I arrived the main gate around 2 am. I was supposed to create a super duper marvelous excuse so I can like make the jaga believe that I came back late on purpose. But I was distracted by the entire football thing. With a very brusque tone, the jaga asked me why I came late. And out of nowhere, I just said,” dari rumah. Kene amik bende penting mlm ni gak…”

And he peeped at the back seat of the car. Nothing. And said replied with a vexing tone,” ape yg penting sgt tuh?” awwwww, that annoying smile. I cant lose. “ada dalam bonnet…” I said unperturbed.

I opened the door, came out and strove my way towards the bonnet. On the way, my brain was clicking fast. What’s in my bonnet ek? And I suddenly, I remembered. My bonnet was empty except of that one thingamajiggy. And I said to myself, jaga ni mesti gelak gila.

I opened the bonnet. There. There it was. There it stood. Safe and sound. One small packet of tongkat ali which my roommate told me to buy. A packet of tongkat ali! I picked it up said,” ni la die pak cik, bende yg penting tu…..mmmmmmmmmmm…utk kesihatan…sy mmg tale tido kalu ta kne tongkat ali…” Mcm org bodoh jwb. And he laughed. I laughed. He said,”ko ni ade je alasan. Dah, masuk ah…”

I put the tongkat ali in my pocket drove through the gate. Who would know, a packet of tongkat ali saved me from a rm50 summon? hehe


Wednesday, September 05, 2007

a newer entry than the new entry

baru tgk tarikh2 entry yg lalu:

july-1 entry
august-1 entry

takan na biarkan september pon 1 entry?

teruk gila performance penulisan dlm blog ni! mcmane ni? ape sudah jd? kalu blog ni bleh berckp, die mesti da ckp," malas gila tuan aku ni. tulis sket pon tamau. malang btol aku dpt die sbg tuan." lalu aku membls," kalo ko rajin sgt, ko tuliskanlah blog utk aku. byk ckpla ko ni en. blog!" hoho. it's not that i dont have anything to write about. it's just that what i wanted to write hasnt been wrote. leh ta? haha...

bukan. tangan ni la, malas menaip. harus dipotong br tau. haish....
gimana nih? help me!



Friday, August 10, 2007

A new entry!

Life is tougher now,
Maybe it's because of my studies concaving to its sophisticated part,
Or maybe it's just me myself and i getting lazier,

I wish to rewind the time to the good old days,
Days when everything was easier than it looked like,

So days...if you hear me,
Please come by now,


Sunday, July 29, 2007

a one month entry

it has been 4 weeks of class including this week. and still, i have only one testpad and that's it. no notebooks, no buku tulis skola menengah dulu and all. so, during these 4 weeks of coming, not coming, sleeping, paying attention and memonteng classes, i wrote everything in this one and only testpad. imagine, all seven subjects in one test pad. soo many knowledge inside this test pad (knowledgela sgt!). drawings, ta puas hati dgn lecturer pn kutuk dlm ni, a manual chatting room that me and adam conteng to communicate during lectures, and even tic tack toe tables when i play if the class gets extra boring mcm boleh mati. but everytime i write, i would write the title of the subject and date on the right top of the page, being a little organized minus the fact that everything is jumbled up in that very one notebook la tp. hehe

it has been soooo loooong since i post my last entry. so much to write but my feet just didnt bring me to the lab(a dumb excuse from a hero with a thousand excuses!). but hey, here i am writing an entry kan. my ungs3 class was cancelled (hooray!) so a made my way to this lab.

this past month, i didnt have time to go home:

1st week: pi perak to attend kakak zool's wedding
2nd week: pi pangkor dan navy menimba ilmu dan pengalaman
3rd week: pi skola anjurkan program motivasi
4rd week: pi pwtc pameran international islamic fair mecari sponsor for my trip to ethiopia or egypt or mali


this week i am forced to take part in this debating league for my curriculum things. and the week after that. klaka kan? i have never debated before and they told me that i have to take part in a british parlimentary debate league against teams for singapore, mmu, um, upm and all. crazeeeeeeeeey!

i havent found a partner for the debate thing. asked a friend already but no positive replies yet. everyone doesnt want to team-up with me because im going to make us loose. haish... whateverla. merepek gak CCAC ni kengkadang.
solution: i'll team-up with myself.

and that's that.

Friday, June 22, 2007

He was too young to know that i was the world's no.1 superhero!

My cousin came to our home that night. he, his wife and their 3 1/2 year old child. it always has been an ongoing affair for him to come by every now and then.

i was reading the newspaper on the sofa when suddenly hasan nain (their child) came to my legs and started to shook them calling my name with his crisp voice," uncle nyah, uncle nyah." it was supposed to be 'uncle ngah' but he was pelat. i felt like mak nyah plak seketika. hehe... then i put the paper aside and brought him on my lap," achan na ape ni achan. beratla achan ni." he wasnt that heavy before. or it was me yg semakin lemah akibat malas bersukan. hehe. then he said," achan na main nyonyok-nyonyok." What? what the heck is that? i gazed at his mom searching for explanation. and she said," achan na main nyorok-nyorok." and he wanted me to nyorok first. where can a creature my size hide?!


so i told him to count to ten and he started counting," catu, dua, tiga, spuluh." what? that's not ten! that's four!!! hadoi. berterabor mengira! i told him to count again...

when he started counting, i ran out of the house and bursted myself into the car, the only place a fat creature like me can hide fyi. hehe. then a few minutes later, my little achan came out and called my name with the loudest yell he could muster ,"uncle nyah!!! uncle nyah!!!" i can see him from inside the car but he couldnt see me because it was dark.

and about ten minutes later, he suddenly cried because he thought that i was lost or kidnapped as i was no where to be seen. he was too young to know that i am the world's no.1 superhero.


so i went out of the car, dukung-ed him and took him for a walk in front of my house. it was kind of chilly but achan was alright, i guess. i carried him in my arms until he stopped crying and we just walked and walked and walked enjoying the night...

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Datang Waktu

barangkali inilah
satu detik dalam waktu

ketika kita harus
jadi penentu
: mengubah atau pasrah

Thursday, June 14, 2007

sesuatu di antara waktu

suatu masa dahulu, aku ada bygknkan apa yg akan berlaku bila aku besar nanti. aku bygkn yg aku akn tamatkn pembelajaran aku semana yg termampu di menara gading. susah, aku tau. bukan senang-senang je. tp kena. aku ada bygkn yg sume kwn2ku akn msk universiti juga. jumpe kwn2 kat universiti plak. dan byk ar kwn2 aku mase tuh. aku ade bygkan yg sume kwn2 ku baik kwn ms skola atau universiti akn dpt keje. keje yg baik2. kat syarikat2 yg besar kalu yg engineer tuh. kalu doktor tuh kat hospital2 yg tersohor. selamatkn nyawa org. ade juga yg akn sambung belajar lg ke tahap yg lebih tinggi. sampai phD barangkali. slalunye yg cerdik2 tuh. aku bygkn lepas keje, sume kwn2ku aku kawin. kawin dgn pilihan masing2. yg memahami diri dorang. hidup berkeluarga. susa senang bersama sume. hidup, cinta, hormat, kasih sayang dan tanggungjawab. mendpt anak2 yg comel2 dan baik. dan akn menjalani kehidupan yg gembira dan bhgia. itu yg aku bygkn. itu jugalah yg aku doakan.

ade sekali tuh, ms skola rendah, aku beborak dan kwn aku sorang ni kat atas bukit. umah aku kat kawasan bukit dlu. dr situ nmpk sume umah2 yg kat taman perumahan aku. afiq nuraiman name die. kwn baik aku. hari2 pi skola same2, blk pn same2...

' man, ko na jd ape ble besar nanti?' die tanye aku.
' aku tatau lg. tp kalo org tanye aku jwb je aku na jd ustat. sbb ustat baik.' aku jwb. kebetulan dulu aku na jd ustat.
'ko plak na jd ape?' aku tanye die blk.
'aku na jd cikgu mcm mak aku...'die kate

itu dulu. aku bygkn dulu.

tp aku lupe, ape yg aku bygkn kengkadang ta berlaku. dalam pd aku mencari erti hidup ni, ade di antara kwn aku pergi dulu tinggalkn aku. pergi. pergi ta kembali. pergi selamanya. aku bygkn SEMUA kwn2 aku akn belajar, hidup, kawin dan keje di tmpt yg elok2. SEMUA. rupenye ade yg pergi dulu. aku bila lg?

yg sedihnye, kwn aku yg bername afiq tuh, yg aku borak ttg ms dpn tuh, pon dah pergi. pergi tinggalkan aku. aku ingat lg. die na jd cikgu, mcm mak die. lepas mandikn jenazah die aritu dan pimpin jenazah die msk van, aku jmpe mak die. dan setelah 9 taun ta jumpe, mak die msih knal aku. ingt name aku sebaik sj renung mata aku. mak die tgk aku, dan nangis. ibu mane yg ta sedih, ank die tinggalkn die. blum pon bekerja. aku pn sedih tgk mak die nangis. 'sesejuk airmata ibu.'

'i'm not worthy for God's heaven, yet not willing to be in His hell.'

bayangan tinggal bayang-bayang.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Aiman's Law of Logistics

You don't have to hold a degree in engineering to solve transportation problems...

who said 3 was maximum? can ride upto 90000 people more what. gila.

who can draw the free body diagram? dr kassim pn pening beb.

who said that you can't drive the vehicle when one tyre blows? use brainla weih. huahaha.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The best there is!

There. The four best ping pong players at my alma matter, al-madrasah as-sanawiyyah al-wataniah ad-diniyyah maahad hamidiah, re-met. The sun, moon and stars menjadi saksi of this most anticipated event, THE CLASH OF THE BEST PING PONG PLAYERS AT SCHOOL YEAR 1998-2002.

Well, straight to the results. I ended up like Federer, world number 1. Fyi, I was school number 1! \(^-^)/ Although I played fantastic ping pong, my opponents just had pure luck. Hahaha. I played 4 sets, won 2 and lost 2 somehow. The sting that I once possessed was gone away. Far far away. But where’d it go?

Monday, June 11, 2007

Tenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Pizza

It has always been a weekly grandeur occasion for my family and I to go out and have pizza, clinching the same motion every time we go: EAT! Hehehe… Now, holding to the same spirit, we aspire to continue this hallmark tradition of excellence but this time it wasn’t the usual ordinary pizza hut that we habitually go to, we decided to go have our pizzas somewhere else, San Francisco pizza. Still in Malaysia tanahairku tercinta of course. \(^o^)/ We didn’t have to go all the way to the land of freedom and opportunity to get ourselves the pizzas. Enough of the blabbering. Just let the pictures talk.

You guys didn't think that I could've ate this whole pizza myself, did you? Then again maybe i did. hehe...Sedap gila. gamba pon da kenyang.

Tataula air ape. But I had this drinkla.

Byknye! Raksasa planet Nameck? yeay!

There. Now you guys know what this body's made of. hahaha...

And that's that.


Sunday, June 10, 2007


I’ve been tagged. So here goes nothing…

[a]- Available: Busy

[b]- Birthday: Everyday! So get me a present or bake me a cake. Now!!! Go, go ,go… Wait, the cake has to be a blueberry cheese cake. If you want to give a cake la. If you want to buy me a car also fine. hehe…(Demanding kan? I should be. I AM the birthday boy!)

[c] - Confused about: How lazy can you get?

[d] - Drink you last had: Teh Susu

[e] - Easiest person to talk to: Rachel, Emily, Joanne and Stephanie. Ntah sape2 ntah…Hahaha

[f]- Favorite music group/band: Awang-awangan

[g] - Gummy bears or gummy worms: Apebende ni? Merepek!

[h]- Hometown: Sy org KL. Hehe…Kampong Dato’ Abu Bakar Baginda

[i] - Instrument: Does snapping my fingers into a very melodious, harmonious and euphonious tone count?

[j] - Juice: Jus Mentibang Laut

[k] - Killed someone: I’m innocent! He was threatening me!!!

[l] - Longest car ride: not far but it sure felt very loooooooong. Pusing a roundabout near matic pj 10 times. Got dizzy. My friendla gila.

[m] - Milkshake flavor: Mahal

[n] - Number of pets: 90 juta ekor nyamuk

[o] - One wish: Wishing you a happy new year!

[p] - Person who kissed you last: Puan Laily Paim

[q] - Quiet: YES, duuhhhhhhh!

[r] - Reasons to smile: When the lecturer/teacher asks me a question that I can’t answer. Then smiled la so I won’t get screwed. Everyone does that.

[s] - Single: Singular Plural Adjective Noun Verb Past Continuous Participle Participants Participation

[t] - Time you woke up: Frankly speaking, before azan Subuh everyday since I made my first debut from my mother’s womb.

[u] - Underwear: Superman wears his underwear outside his pants. He’s wearing Renoma.

[v] - Violent: Kill, Kill, Die, Die. Yeah!

[w]- Worst habits: None

[x] - X-rays you've had: Hey mase na masuk matric, I went to Hospital Putrajaya to take my x-ray tau. And the doctor was a UKM practical student. Cun gila. She came to me and said, “Aiman, tlg bukak baju.” Then ran away in shyness. So I myself pn jd malu na bukak bj utk x-ray. Hoho… But it went well…hehe

[y] - Your favorite animal: Tazmanian Devil

[z]- Zodiac sign: Venezuela

I’m tagging:









And whoever wants to get tagged!

And that’s that


Sunday, May 27, 2007

Which position paling best duduk dlm class?

I like to sit in the last row for each and every class I attend (not much laa.around 2 or 3 classes/week. Ponteng lagi!). It’s not because I came to class to sleep and the lecturer can’t see me sleeping when I sit behind, or because senang na tiru kuiz, or so I can talk talk talk in the class.

It’s because of the pride. It’s because of the pleasure. It’s because of that particular undescribable inner feeling. Or it’s just because I usually come late and the front seats are full... Haha…

Bayangkan masuk class dan dpt dok blakang skali. Bayangkanlah…best gila!

It’s actually because I feel comfortable back there. I can see everything that happens in class. Those who sleep (when I’m awake laa of course), those who eat, those who copy assignments, and even those who are maximizing technology by smsing whoever they want during class time.

And oh yeah, I used to seat blakang skali in class during form 5. And there was this one time when the person in front of me didn’t come and the teacher told me to fill up his empty place so I went like, “ Kalu duduk blakang pon masih dipayungi malaikat. Sayap malaikat besarnye dr timur ke barat. Masih dipayungi.” Fuh, slamat… taya dok depan. Huahaha... (Melawan guru adalah amalan yg tidak baik yeee...)

But the scenario is different sket kat International Islamic University ni. Everyone is aiming the back seat. Ade this one time when I came late and the back seats were already full. So I had to sit in front. Depan muka lecturer. Sungguh ta selase! Ta boleh bergerak. Agaknye, degup jantung pon lecturer dengar. And on more thing, if you sit in front, you have too give that face where you have to look as if you understand everything single word that comes out of the lecturer’s mouth.

So, duduk blakang la best.

And that’s that.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Far Far Away

We needed a time-out. Me from my internship program. Tim and Juan from their jobs. And the others from their studies. We had to go somewhere that can connect us to nature, something which i haven't done for a long long period of time. Somewhere that can bring us far far away from the ordinary usual surroundings, a place where everything doesn't matter except having FUN, FUN, and FUN!!! ada ke? Ada la!

Well, thanks to Farhana, we were walking on the beautiful white sand of Pantai Kelenang, located somewhere in the outskirts of Banting, fyi. I won't blabber more on the beauty of the beach and ocean, instead i'll let the pictures do the talking.

walking along the beach.
talking and laughing our brains out all night.
stargazing with the sound of water hitting the shore as the background music.
with of course very cool friends indeed.
a complete definition of having FUN!

And thanks to Zool and Din, the barbique was superb! Anyway, on to the pictures. And take note of the picture where everyone else were wearing sunglasses except me, it was 8 in the morning for God's sake! And we're not like in Africa or something...

And that's that!


Monday, May 14, 2007


Up above from the skies
u come,
As drops of joy
As drops of sorrow
As a shower of blessings from the heavens.

I'm listening to the rain
Alone in the middle of the day
As it drops to the Earth
As it keeps falling on my head
And I'll just listen to the rain falling from above
Rain falling from the skies...
And rain falling from my eyes.
So I'm listening to the rain
And listening to how sad it sounds

It is a gloomy day
It rains
And it rains

So rain
Please go away
And come again another day.

by dira_jh


Fuh, nasib baik pass…

This is something that I have to state here and let the whole world know (like everyone on the globe reads jek. LoL).

Let me repeat the statement, I PASSED MY SEMINAR 2!!!
Once more, and everyone on my count, 1,2,3! AIMAN PASSED HIS SEMINAR 2!!!
Thanks for your cooperation. Appreciated.

You must be saying,” What’s the big deal? I passed too! Everyone passes it.” But there is a big difference in terms of the satisfaction even though everyone passes it. I passed with pure quality. LoL… There was a big tendency for me to fail this course due to the unsatisfactory of my attendance. My failure or should I put it as disability to attend to class was because…urm…Yes, because I believe that Friday afternoon isn’t supposed to be filled with any formal educational activity (Good stance huh guys? LoL). You know what, I only came ONCE throughout the semester…Yes, a big fat 1, satu (Malay), wahid (Arabic), uno (Spanish), eek/ik(Chinese), ichi (Japanese), il (Korean)…Yes guys ONCE!

Itu pon masa presentation! LoL.
And I passed!

I did very bad for my presentation. And I mean really really extraordinary BAD. One of the lecturers commented and asked me during the Q&A session,” This is ridiculous. Why didn’t you just presented on how to bake a cake?” He insulted me in front of everyone. Luckily hatiku tabah menghadapi ujian hidup yang getir ini…

Whatever pon, I PASSED MY SEMINAR 2!!!

And that’s that!


Tuesday, May 08, 2007



there was like a having-lunch-together session after the any ordinary meeting of course...and the food was irresistable (sbb sy ingat na luch kat umah memule)...makanan melayu; nasi putih, crabs, ayam paprik, kangkung goreng belacan, and sambal udang...

but the lunch wasnt that great eventhough the food served was delicious...


coz this one guy was...hmmm...ntahpape!

"pakaila sudu ngan garpu!!!"

and he was using a spoon and a fork producing so much noise that i felt like eating at a contruction site...ta reti mkn pkai sudu dan wat bising is a bigger problem than me using my hands least i'm not annoying...

and the noise was going cling-clang-cling-clang like the ice cream seller who goes around the neighbourhood on his bike, lgla obnoxious.

who is he to interdict me using my hands? it's not like it's illicit or something... plus, i was eating extra quixotic and i didnt make any noise or disturb others...

pastu tetbe the director of the cluster, masuk. and joined us.. suprisingly, the was using his hands too...yey!!!

"pi la tegur bos... die makan gune tgn..."


padan muka kau!!!

Sunday, April 29, 2007

4 days of bad throut and esophagus rasa geli

I haven’t post an entry for a couple of days. I’m developing this cough and selsema that affect the level of decibels that I can produce when talking. Even if something comes out of my mouth, it’ll sound like Ella (kire sedapla tu kan? hehe). That’s why I didn’t post any entry for the past few days. I haven’t much to say. If ada pon, my voice could only be heard by dogs. Haha…

Friday, April 20, 2007

tahap fokus dalam class dr fatah

sy 90 dajah! hoho...

what to do on an evening at the park?


on your marks, get set, gooooooo!!!!!!!

"blogging is something u do dgn kerap", her words are kept safe in my mind. i can't agree more. i haven't sent an entry since last year, november 2006 and april is making its way out of the 2007 calander already. so very long kan. but she gave me some will to keep bloging. you know what she did? she wrote an entry for me as a boost for me start blogging, again. and is sure will. ni die punye entry...

sangat lame X update blog. bile nak update? arini. hoho~

"time to rest, time to sleep,
time to lay my head down and weep,
to close my eyes and forget about life,
to think and to wonder, why?
why must life be difficult? why must i try?
to work through these hardships why, why, WHY?
i dont understand why my life has to be hard all thetime."


siap ada intro lg tau... thanks a lot!!!