Sunday, November 26, 2006


If Allah brings you to it,
He will bring u through it.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Raya VS Buku

Starting off the eid holiday with tonnes or should i put it as 8-to-the-power-of-19juta-kBOOKS(kilobooks) to read would definitely kill each and every blood plasma in the body even if you maintain the pH of the blood plasma at normal level that is 7.4. In fact, even if you go and tell Socrates, Aristotle, Hammurabi, and Nebuchadnezzar about the amount of words in the books you need to read, they would put your name in the History Book of Malaysian Education System as one of the ahli sejarawan yg membentuk tamadun manusia selepas zaman paleolitik, mesolitik dan neolitik!

Eid with books. Great!

Holidays are not supposed to be like this. This is injustice! Lagi2 hari raya.

A hari raya without me focusing on the rendang-ketupat-lemang-kuih made is membazir; as i am the eating machine. Sbb tula lepas puase gemuk. hahaha...

Kang aku jalani proses pempolimeran mencampur-adukkn kuih raya dgn buku nanti, br tekejot Dr Fatah tgk aku tetibe bijak calculus. LOL


Argh, ta kira. Raya dulu. Nanti bile dalam dewan exam nanti menyesal ar mcm biase. Kan?

Bye Bye books...Nice knowing you...


Tuesday, September 05, 2006

independance day laa sgt!!!

31 August→ A day that should be the pinnacle point of elation for every Malaysian as Malaysians, a day Malaysians should wave our national flag, Jalur Gemilang and march on the streets in the outskirts of their homes.

And what actually was I doing that day?

Thanks to my big fat trying-to-be-a-hero mouth which in a knee-jerk response asked the lecturer to postpone the micro-processing mid-term examination. Why did I even stick my head above the parapet?!

Worst, I also had my communication principles mid-term examination on Merdeka eve! Have a heart, man- Merdeka eve ni! And everyone else was at the stadium celebrating with fireworks blasting through the air every now and then…

I should have asked for the exam to be postponed after the break so we’d have more time to study. Ceh, as if it would make any difference to my marks.hehe…

But this is an exam I’m talking about here, wouldn’t want tp spoil the ship for a hap’orth of tar…


“Sometimes, we just couldn’t understand why, but we sure have to have faith in His will.”-she told me once…

27th August 2006-A date that would be the pinnacle of her grief and the lowest point in her life so far…her beloved father passed away, may Allah bless him…

Losing someone who had all along be by our side no matter what happens, teaching what’s right and what’s right indeed is like taking apart of us and cast it away…

It’s times like this that really make people think and reconsider everything in life all over again…and the love that can never reconcile…

There would never be another ayah for her and there would never be anyone who could replace him......

And the saddest part of the whole lot, is to see her mom.... as strong as she tried to be, i could never imagine the anguish of losing the one that u truly love... the one who had shared a lifetime with her..... who's more then just a husband to her, more than just soul mates...more than just another character in her journal....... it's a part of her that make them whole...complete...

al-fatihah and may god bless the blessed soul of her father

“I've learned that you should always leave loved ones with loving words. It may be the last time you see them.”

Sunday, July 02, 2006

REUNION-Batch '85 SMKA Maahad Hamidiah

Being apart for several years made me somehow a bit awkward when meeting my schoolmates. Everyone turned different; some grew bigger, became skinnier, became fatter (POSSITIVELY NOT ME!!! LOL), became taller, and many with ‘janggut’s and ‘jambang’s. But what I want to bring to point here is that everyone was STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL that night!!!

Have I become that fat?! From the reading of the weighing scale, ok ape? Because a number of friends came up to me and said with no mouth insurance," ko aiman ke? Berat ko brape?" and with pride, I was like, "okla, lebih kurang dulu gak. 73 kg." and I said that with a face mcm slame ni beratku adalah 72, kire dlm jangka masa 4 taun ni naik 1 kg je arr. \(^o^)/

And an ustazah of mine came up to me and said," aiman, awk da smangat sket dan betambah gelap." Before she could even finish her ‘compliment’, I laughed-out-loud and said," sy penah putih ke ustazah!" hahahahaaaa…

Some friends even adviced me to do some athletical moves to make me skinnier. LIKE I DON’T KNOW! DUH!!!

Let’s put the physical appearance aside for a sec.

Around 6 teachers and ustazahs came, stunningly beautiful. With a black and white theme set (which I, one of the AJKs did not even hesitate to put into account) everyone looked FABULOUS, MARVELOUS and WALLLA!!!

I miss the school days, days when everything was so easy.

Cliques, classes, clubs and cool… all these are part and parcel of school life. No? You mean you didn’t have problems with identity, blending into the group which matches your personality? Ah! Mengarutlaaa…


School life can be frustrating, boring and sometimes, even embarrassing. But it’s also challenging and full of possible friends. Some think school is more than just classes and tests. It’s a social scene, filled with cliques, clubs, and life-changing decisions. It could be a place where you meet your best friends… and perhaps your worst enemies!

SOLEH which stands for ‘Solidarity LEads Harmony’ in full, is an annual event where the ex-hamidians (us!\(^-^)/) will come to school and give some useful tips and inspiring testimonies as they have been through difficult and rough moments in their school day in SMKA Maahad Hamidiah-our alma matter. ‘kami lebih dulu makan garam.’LOL…

It all started when I got an unexpected phone call from a senior (panngil ape bia? Tale ckp kat sini.LOL!) telling me to conduct the program which I first felt so very only-God-knows-how-I-felt. Dragging some meaningful not-just-ordinary-friends behind me (ghafur, esan, amirah, syera, judin,wanza, syazwani ,xera, jaja – their names have to be stated here) who actually made this event beyond expectations and the pressure, I somehow managed to put the pieces together. Yea!!!

Although I just played a minor role in the process of making this program a spectacular and monstrous success, I was extremely happy to see the workforce work together hand-in-hand in ensuring everything was running as planned. Well, frankly speaking, not everything went a planned. But from my humble point of view, we overcame the ups and downs quite well. Congrats!

And for the workforce, be prepared for the next years’ SOLEH… I am for sure gonna hire you guys, AGAIN!!! Hahaha…

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Sejarah Penubuhan Negeri Melaka

Taking UNGS 2040 during the short semester wasn’t a really good idea after all. I took it when I thought that I had to get some of my UNGS subjects covered but then it turned out that UNGS 2040 will actually do some damage to my cumulative grade p[I don’t know that the letter ‘p’ stands for \(^o^)/] average.

Probability and Statistics.
I’m good at blind picking. So, with this inner talent that I have, probability should be a snap for me. lol.
But again, maybe not!
Screwed that too.

Enough about the exams.
About the holidays…

The first day of the holidays, my friends and I [din, azim, zool, faried] went to Malacca, Bandar Besejarah! We ourselves made some ‘sejarah’s there:

1. tahun 1746- menyerang portugis di pantai kelebang
2. tahun 1811- merobohkn a famosa [i'm a melakese(kalu kelantan kelantanese,melaka jd melakese kot) and this was my first time to a famosa.slalu lalu jek.]
3. tahun 1932- menentang belanda di mahkota parade melaka
4. tahun 1977- menawan gerai asam pedas bukit piatu
5. tahun 2006- memerdekakan melaka...MERDEKA!MERDEKA!MERDEKA!

A great trip!
A great way to de-stressed myself !

Melaka bandar bersejarah dan org2 yg kampungnya di Melaka [bia] haruslah berbangga!
Kami menawan Melaka!!!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

just in the nick of time...nah! ta sempat pn.hehe...

....supposed to renew my licence today (dicuri oleh...pencurila!takan pen...janakuasa elektrik.haha...). as adviced by my cousin, i went to the jpj (which stands for jabatan pengangkutam jalan, duh!) at 420pm as it will close it's door at 430pm. usually, the office will be like a tin of sardine in the morning.

so i arrived there, took a picture(of me c;) downstairs and made my way back up(the tmpt mengambil gamba was downstairs).

but i was shocked. the door was closed but the time on my cellphone blinked 428pm.(and i am possitively sure that my time is accurate. don't need to use linear appoximation to count.hehe...)
nonchalantly, i knocked the door. the guard on duty opened the door and said," nak ape dik, pejabat dah tutup. sila dtg esok".
and i was like,"what!".
"pak cik, bleeh arrr... sorang je lg"
" sy kate ta boleh ta bolehla".

and then i turned away and strived my way back to the stairs dgn hati yg ditusuk sembilu.(ayat ta bleh blah.huhu...).

but then, i 'kumpul'ed my iman, and went back to the door. i knocked. the moment the guard opened the door, i already started 'merayu'ing to the women at the counter. but all she did was stared at me dgn kerek sekali,"kami da tutup."

but guys, don't worry. tomorrow, i will make sure i will be the first one to enter that door. and when i do, i will like,"ko ingat aku tale dtg awal ke ha?!" with the loudest yell i could muster. tgk arr esok... ;p

Friday, April 14, 2006


it's someitmes hard to be your ownself. weird ek? have you ever experienced that kind of feeling? i've been there; hard being myself... it was the time when i had to do this very nuisance personality test for a job and they kept asking about my unrevealed habits...hehe...if i were to answer the questions honestly, i would have definitely flunked the test with flying colours...hehe... an example of the question:
would you rather take a nap or do the house chores at 4 o'clock in the efternoon?
don't lie ek. sume org pn akn prefer taking a nap. ntah2 tido mati. but i eventually ended up in answering the choice that should have been answer in order to get the job... haha...a so 'not me' thing to do. doing the house chores konon... c;
so malas to write my first entry...supposed to be eager...hehe...