Thursday, June 22, 2006

Sejarah Penubuhan Negeri Melaka

Taking UNGS 2040 during the short semester wasn’t a really good idea after all. I took it when I thought that I had to get some of my UNGS subjects covered but then it turned out that UNGS 2040 will actually do some damage to my cumulative grade p[I don’t know that the letter ‘p’ stands for \(^o^)/] average.

Probability and Statistics.
I’m good at blind picking. So, with this inner talent that I have, probability should be a snap for me. lol.
But again, maybe not!
Screwed that too.

Enough about the exams.
About the holidays…

The first day of the holidays, my friends and I [din, azim, zool, faried] went to Malacca, Bandar Besejarah! We ourselves made some ‘sejarah’s there:

1. tahun 1746- menyerang portugis di pantai kelebang
2. tahun 1811- merobohkn a famosa [i'm a melakese(kalu kelantan kelantanese,melaka jd melakese kot) and this was my first time to a famosa.slalu lalu jek.]
3. tahun 1932- menentang belanda di mahkota parade melaka
4. tahun 1977- menawan gerai asam pedas bukit piatu
5. tahun 2006- memerdekakan melaka...MERDEKA!MERDEKA!MERDEKA!

A great trip!
A great way to de-stressed myself !

Melaka bandar bersejarah dan org2 yg kampungnya di Melaka [bia] haruslah berbangga!
Kami menawan Melaka!!!