Sunday, April 29, 2007

4 days of bad throut and esophagus rasa geli

I haven’t post an entry for a couple of days. I’m developing this cough and selsema that affect the level of decibels that I can produce when talking. Even if something comes out of my mouth, it’ll sound like Ella (kire sedapla tu kan? hehe). That’s why I didn’t post any entry for the past few days. I haven’t much to say. If ada pon, my voice could only be heard by dogs. Haha…

Friday, April 20, 2007

tahap fokus dalam class dr fatah

sy 90 dajah! hoho...

what to do on an evening at the park?


on your marks, get set, gooooooo!!!!!!!

"blogging is something u do dgn kerap", her words are kept safe in my mind. i can't agree more. i haven't sent an entry since last year, november 2006 and april is making its way out of the 2007 calander already. so very long kan. but she gave me some will to keep bloging. you know what she did? she wrote an entry for me as a boost for me start blogging, again. and is sure will. ni die punye entry...

sangat lame X update blog. bile nak update? arini. hoho~

"time to rest, time to sleep,
time to lay my head down and weep,
to close my eyes and forget about life,
to think and to wonder, why?
why must life be difficult? why must i try?
to work through these hardships why, why, WHY?
i dont understand why my life has to be hard all thetime."


siap ada intro lg tau... thanks a lot!!!