Sunday, May 18, 2008

Things i did bile da habis belajar ni.

I’ve completed my degree a couple of weeks ago; a long three and a half years of being a good committed hardworking student of the IIUM. Cheers! Well, when you finish your studies, common questions that will be beating your eardrums every now and then by anyone that knows you’re done with your studies are sekarang ko buat ape or plan lepas belajar ni ape or na sambung belajar lagi ke keje or ko na kahwin dengan Jessica Alba ke Marie Digby. Or sometimes people will straight give harsh conclusions about you in your face like kira ko mengganggur la sekarang ni or tanam jagung la ni or kira semua syarikat pon reject ko!

So an honest advice from me: Be prepared with well constructed answers. Or just stuff in your earphones and pretend you didn’t hear a thing. Hehe.

Since this is my blog, let’s talk about me. Hehe. I certainly do have plans. A lot. More that you can imagine. But for the time being, according to plan fyi, I just have to chill and laze and be a good son, which everyone around me knows that I am, duh. So being at home, I decided to not only finish the food in the fridge, I, with opened heart did some chores that maybe, I said maybe, will lead me to a happy life with either Jessica Alba or Marie Digby. If they happen to read la. Hehe. Now let the pictures do the talking…

from the top:
washing my dad's car..
washing my mom's car..
washing my car..
teadmilling lagi..

Ala rajinkan? anak sapa ni? Huahahaha...

And that's that.



Najia Abdul Razak said...

a very funny post aiman! ur living the good life (la dolve vita). xpe la, chill out one last time before joining the rat race hehe

aiman said...

i think my life's okay. i just have to relax and be alive je. that's easy. kan? hehe... but im actually ready to enter the real world pon. cume tunggu waktu jek.e hehe

Anonymous said...

Interesting post... make me laugh... ;)

Sam said...

ermm interesting blog aiman, don't realize that u still have the same funny character on and off the set... anyway I wish you'll savour the moment before kena start keje full time nanti (still ada 2-3 years lagi lah...klu nak abiskan pilot tu) heheheheh

p/s aku dok nak gelak jer rasa bila baca post post korang nie.

aiman said...

anonymous: y thank you mr/mrs anonymous. hehe

sam: hey hey hey sir...howd you find me here? im funnyla. inside out. hehe. i kinda wish i had the chance to be a pakar motivasi now. selepas menjalan motivasi ke atas budak2 hehe. n nape gelak plak bc2 post ktorang? serius tau post2 ni.hoho

azim rosli said...

ni kali ke lapan aku bukak blog ko dan membace entry yg same, tapi aku tak kesah kerana ble ko bukak blog aku perkare yg same terjadi, oleh itu aku tau ko faham perasan aku bile aku bukak blog ko haha

aiman said...

hoho. mcm perli aku. tp tidak mengapa. sbb ko juga memerli diri sendiri. tp kengkadang perlian itu juga adalah satu bentuk motiasi jugak azim. lalu suatu hari nanti dlm waktu yg hampir ini, akn aku update blog aku. dan ko bila pula? hoho

ryhn said...

aiman! i didn't know u bukak bisnes car wash now! i've been looking for a place to hantar kereta much u charge? i boleh dapat free tak..? hehe..

enjoy ur hols, an do go try ur rezeki in those places and the posts u want.. u'll never know what God has written for you. just go try! for all u know, u'll get what you want, even if it's against all odds, and sounds most impossible :)

aiman said...

ryhn!!! hehe. i ta bukak car wash la. but if u send ur car, ill wash la. or send to the carwash nearby.

i dont really have that mucha holidays nowni. jarang dpt. just finished my exam. what are you up to? na kahwin da kan? im waiting 4 ur card...hehe