Sunday, September 21, 2008

The June, July, August, September entry..

Today, I officially received my very own Kelantan map by the authorities. I have to study the map before I start flying so that I won’t end up getting caught in the airspace of Narathiwat or Waeng. The map has my name on its upper right corner. It kind of gives me some motivation and makes me more impatient to fly.

Melihat map ini:
Tanah tinggi.
Jatuh Cinta.
Ciptaan Sang Pencipta.

"His entire Creation exists simply as testing and teaching for the soul." (11:7)

“He created the heavens and the earth with truth, and He shaped you and made good your shapes, and unto Him is the journeying.” (64: 3)

“ ta sabarnye na tgk betol2 dr atas~;)”

I hope I can get to know both worlds better, langit dan bumi. So I know The Creater better. And become a better servant. Insya-Allah…

Reaching to the end of the day, I also received my SPL (Student Pilot’s License) from the Department of Civil Aviation. More motivation and encouragement! This license permits me to fly the aircrafts at the airport hanger; eagle erb 150, piper warrior, piper seneca, diamond 40 and diamond 42.

Salam lebaran semua...
Semoga segalanya menjadi ibadah...

And that's that.


basyirahza said...
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basyirahza said...

dah lama tak bukak blog aiman.. and to my surprise *gasp* u updated ur blog?!! wahhhh so moved by pilot liscence and u finally conclude ur 4-month life here. write summore la bout the world of aviation. enlighten ur readers!

pilot kn shave head mcm tu ke?? ur so close to wentworth miller now haha jk *pun intended*

oh anyhoo, gud luck my dear friend, ur gonna be one greaaaaaaaaaatt pilot!!

Lutfi Torla said...

Damn, that's cool. What gave you the idea to get a pilot's license?

Najia Abdul Razak said...

what happens if u do end up flying over narathiwat? anyways, i'm glad to know that ur enjoying the course over there, it sounds more interesting than law! yeah i know, tak payah ckp la kan. take care whilst flying! jgn pi buat stunt mcm dlm pearl harbour or flyboys now hehe

fara-fatihah said...

stunt dlm pearl harbour tu cool lah najia.
aiman if one day u nak buat stunt gila2 while flying u know who to call kan?im the best company whn it comes to do smtg crazy!
btw, ur mom punya kuah kacang is one of da best!
take care aiman!

ryhn said...

super cool ada map with ur name on it. boleh jadi harta warisan untk anak cool la ur life..stil cant believe you're where you are now!

aiman said...

Basyirahza: Ill write updates abt my training ok? and yg botak tuh, awal2 jek. now ni dah ta botak da..hehe

Lutfi Torla: honestly, my dad encouraged me to get the licence. easy to fly here and there. its kinda fun being among the coulds u know..hehe

Najia Abdul Razak: if one flies over narathiwat, in a snap, two thai jet fighters will track you. one flying in front of you and one behind. theyll guide you to their base and once you get off, you are under arrest for trespassing their country..scary huh?

fara-fatihah: confirm i'll call you when i do the stunts k? sampai you termuntah2. hehe. sedap ke? i'll tell my mom that k? shes gonna be happy..

ryhn: cool ke ryhn?hehe. haah, the map has my name on it so can give to my cucus.hehe. i cant believe im here myself!!hehe